MMA Week In Review – March 18, 2012

We have the scoop on Natasha Wicks’ return to the MMA world, a classic illustration of Anderson Silva, a ref explains the rule on blows to the back of the head, and a ton more.

* Is Ariel Helwani responsible for the beef between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans?

* Make sure you check out the video of Brian Roger’s flying-knee KO.

* Great illustration: Amazing Anderson Silva.

* An interesting look at the rise and fall of karate in MMA.

* Natasha Wicks is poised to make a triumphant return to the MMA world.

* MMA ref Kim Winslow explains the rules on blows to the back of the head.

* Here’s a video clip of Dan Henderson explaining how to execute the crucifix.

* Here’s a video clip of Brendan Schaub guaranteeing fight of the night at UFC 145.

* Rashad Evans plans to “get inside and unleash his stuff” on Jon Jones.

* Stefan Struve vs. Mark Hunt joins heavyweight main card at UFC 146.

* Carlos Condit explains when he knew he had a killer instinct in the octagon.

* Check out this GIF Party of all of the finishes from Episode 1 of The Ultimate Fighter Live.

* The UFC is expected to announce their Calgary debut this week.

* Bellator’s middleweight division is in flux.

* Five standout moments from the TUF and Bellator fights on Friday.

* Middle Easy is running a contest where you design a poster for ONE FC: War of the Lions and you can win a bunch of goodies.