Check out this beautiful flying elbow to the throat dished out by Josh McRoberts on LeBron James. James acts like any normal, non-mma-fighting person would when hit with a shot like that. Awesome.

Jones Claims He Went 80% Against Gustafsson


“I went 80-percent. I’m not making any excuses, Gustafsson did a great job in the fight, but I know I had a lot more in me. I did some of the cardio tests that I normally do and my numbers weren’t the same. Me knowing that, I still went into the fight thinking well since I can’t perform excellent, maybe I’ll still perform really, really high and still really, really good and maybe the fight will be a little bit closer if I just put half the effort in. I learned the lesson the hard way that you have to give full effort.”

Jon Jones

Yoel Romero Interview

Fight Geeks: You’ve had four fights in the UFC and you’re now 4-0 with three wins coming TKO’s. What has it been like fighting in the UFC?
Yoel Romero: It has been like a dream come true.

FG: You’re known as an Olympic wrestler yet you’ve shown you have heavy hands during your fights in the UFC. How have you grown into a fighter and not just a wrestler?
YR: I set out from the beginning to prove that I could strike. I wanted to finish all my fights by TKO/KO to prove that I was more than just a wrestler.

FG: What caused you to make the transition from being a wrestler to a fighter who studies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
YR: After the Olympics I was looking for what I was going to do next. I was introduced to MMA and it tied in very nicely with my wrestling background. MMA allowed me to continue to train and compete at a high level.

FG: Your fight this past weekend against Brad Tavares was the first time one of your UFC fights went all three rounds. Was going the distance a challenge to you?
YR: No- I’ve been training cardio and conditioning since my days in Cuba. I have an amazing cardio workout so I don’t get tired during the fight. Brad was a really tough opponent and I knew I would have to change my style to do well against him.

FG: Taveres was seen as one of the top middleweights in the UFC and you handed him just his second loss. Do you feel you’re close to fighting Chris Weidman for the belt?
YR: That is my ultimate goal- to be the UFC Middleweight Champion.

FG: Where would you rank yourself among the Middleweights in the UFC?
YR: I don’t really thing about that to be honest. I only think of my next fight and what I need to do to advance past my next opponent.

FG: Who are some fighters in the UFC you’d like to fight?
YR: Whoever will get me closer to the belt.

FG: Yasiel Puig has made headlines this month as stories of his defection from Cuba made headlines. How scary was your defection in 2007 to Germany?
YR: It was very hard to leave my family behind. I still have a son in Cuba that I miss every day.

FG: Is there any frustration that your MMA career had to start in your 30′s instead of right after your success in the 2000 Summer Olympics?
YR: A little, but I thank God that I am where I am today and pray that he will continue to allow me to live out my dream for however long he has this chapter of my life planned for me.

FG: I’m 34 years old and I struggle with my weight. How do you stay so cut and lean at 36? Are there any foods that you struggle to stay away from?
YR: When you work out as much as I do you can almost eat whatever you want. I love deserts but I try to east healthy as much as possible to keep my weight down and make my weight cuts easier.

FG: Your nickname is Soldier of God. Can you talk a bit about your faith and the role it plays in your life?
YR: It is everything in my life. Everything I do I do for God.

FG: How does your faith in God help you deal with adversity and struggles in life?
YR: I feel that God has a plan and that whatever happens in life is directed by his hand. I know that God will never give me more than I can handle and that all that happens is to teach me something.

FG: You’ve mentioned in other interviews that Jesus Christ is your hero. Care to expand on that and explain why He is your hero?
YR: Jesus died at the cross to save the entire world. There is no one else who has ever lived that can compare to that sacrifice.

Video Clip Of Georges St-Pierre’s Fight Scene In “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”


Kudos to Georges St. Pierre for pulling off his role as Batroc the Leaper in “Captain America: Winter’s Solider.”

Below you’ll see a clip from the movie where St-Pierre and Captain America fight. Not sure how much of this scene was completed with a stunt double, but it was pulled off well.

Something else that was interesting is later in the movie Captain America pulled off a rear naked choke to restrain one of the villains; I’d like to think that was St-Pierre’s influence and impact.