UFC 155 Aftermath

UFC 155 is in the history books and did not disappoint. Two of the highlights in most fan’s minds were the last two fights.

Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller put on arguably the best fight of the year in an absolute blood-bath. Joe Lauzon suffered a huge gash over his right eye that literally left puddles everywhere he lay. Lauzon showed incredible heart going all three rounds and almost pulling off the submission victory in the last moments of the third round.

Lauzon posted this picture on his Instagram account the day after showing off his 40 stitches, titling it “Franken-Lauzon”.

The main event between Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez also showcased an exhibition of heart with Dos Santos receiving a beating all five rounds but somehow was still standing at the end of five rounds. It was a dominant victory for Velasquez to win the belt back.

As you can see from this photo taken after the event, Dos Santos is not even recognizable.