Chael Sonnen On Wanderlei Silva


“I was with (Wanderlei Silva) on the set of The Ultimate Fighter, and I watched him every day not practice.┬áIt seemed like he watched me every day twice a day practice. I’d see him in the hallway and he’d see me covered in five or six pounds of sweat and he’d be walking in with fruit, he was always eating pears. He’d be walking around with a pear in his hand as dry as can be and I thought ‘you don’t look like a guy who’s getting ready to fight,’ not a five round fight, particularly not when you’ve been out of the ring for a year. This just doesn’t make sense.”

Chael Sonnen via

GSP Tore His ACL While Training

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 10.04.06 PMIn what seems like deja-vu, Georges St-Pierre broke the news that he tore his ACL in his left knee during training. GSP stated the news over his facebook account and will no doubt be facing a lengthy recovery time, again. At least the UFC doesn’t have to shuffle any fights as a result this time around.


Gustafsson On Jones


“If I look at Jon Jones’ perspective I don’t think that’s strange, because he tries to avoid me. Everyone can see that; I can see that. He does what it takes to not fight me. For myself, it doesn’t make any sense. I think DC is a great fighter. I respect him, and I think he’s a top contender. But I think he has to have another fight or two before he will fight for the title. The only thing that makes sense, in my mind, it’s me versus Jones next.”

Alexander Gustafsson

Chris Weidman Injured

Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva

News broke today that middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, suffered a knee injury during training. Weidman was scheduled to defend his title against Lyoto Machida this coming May at UFC 173.

Weidman’s knee will need minor surgery, and as a result of his recovery time, will now face Machida this coming July. As of right now, a new main event for UFC 173 has not been set.