Mir Won’t Retire After UFC 169


“I kind of know no matter what it’s not going to be my last fight. There are two ways I would consider retirement. One is losing to guys who are not top-level competition. The other is if I started losing where it’s like, ‘OK man, you were knocked out viciously and staring at the rafters.’ I won’t endanger my health. I’m sorry if those three losses aren’t killing my ego. Let’s see, the losing streak started with Junior dos Santos, the No. 1 heavyweight in the world at the time. Then I lost to Cormier in a pretty boring fight and then to Barnett, which to me was a no-contest because the fight had a very controversial stoppage. Look at who I’ve fought. I should retire? Wow. We’d only have five guys in every weight class, because everybody else would need to retire.”

Frank Mir