Jake Ellenberger Feels Johny Hendricks Is Beatable


“He’s not like a GSP, where it’s going to take something, you know, some crazy plan to beat him. To beat GSP, everything would have to be pinpoint and precise. With Johny, if you can threaten him with your power and dictate the pace, he’s definitely beatable. “I’ve been training with a guy who is exactly like Johny, but better, for years,” said Ellenberger, referring to training partner and UFC middleweight Mark Munoz. I’m excited for the day that Johny and I meet.”

Jake Ellenberger talking about Johny Hendricks

Nick Diaz Wont Fight For Anything Less Than 500K


“I never considered anything other than to renegotiate my contract or fight Johny Hendricks. All I said was, What am I getting paid? And he said, Let me check your contract. And the last text I got from him was what I would be fighting for. I didn’t consider fighting for that kind of money. I didn’t say anything back to him, right, but usually that means something. I’m not considering even for a second fighting any of those guys for less than $500,000. There’s no way.

I’m retired. Completely retired. Unless the UFC wants to renegotiate for something I’m happy with or I’m going to be fighting for the world title, which is obviously going to be for something I’m happy with because I’ll make a ton of money.

I’m not in love with fighting. I never was. That’s crazy. I don’t love to fight; I don’t want to fight. I get my ass beat more when I win a fight than when I lose. I know you don’t want to get your ass beat. I feel the same way. I feel the exact same way about retirement. I could give a f—.”

Nick Diaz via mmafighting.com

Jake Shields Released From The UFC


News broke earlier today that welterweight fighter Jake Shields has been released from his contract with the UFC. This comes off his loss to Hector Lombard at UFC 171.

Shields’ management released the following statement to mmafighting’s Ariel Helwani:

“Jake Shields has been released by the UFC. Jake appreciates the opportunities provided by the UFC and thanks Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita. Jake is an elite athlete who is one of the best welterweight fighters in the world with a long history of winning at a championship level.

“Jake and our team are already exploring options. I’m confident that Jake will have a new promotion to call home very soon. Jake thanks his fans for their support and looks forward to competing for them again soon.”